Polished Braids
Small/Medium Bra strap Length

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Polished Braids
Small/Medium Bra strap Length

Duration: 03:30 Hour(s)

Price: $225

For the gals who love lightweight braids with not too many spaces

  • Braid Length- A Little Past Bra Strap
  • Parting Size-Box Parts
  • Installment Time- 3Hrs 30Mins
  • Lasting Time- 8Weeks Max
  • Easy Take Down Process
  • Perfect Style for First Timers
  • Hair Must Be Shoulder Length or Longer to Book This Style

  • Easy to moisturize your scalp
  • Easy to style
  • Long lasting time
  • Great for swimming
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Works great All Texture of hair.

After your hair in installed. Continue to moisturize your scalp every other day for dry hair and every 2-3 days, for oily hair. Moisturize your hair after every wash.

Do not leave style in after the install date without a refresh around the hairline. This can cause your hair to thin out and breakage.

Protect your hairline from breakage book a


$59.50 3rows  1hr – Book Now

$79.50 4rows  1hr 30mins – Book Now

It’s time to uninstall your hairstyle


$49.50 all Braids 1hr – Book Now

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