Paradise Twist Bra Strap Length

Paradise Twist Bra Strap Length

Duration: 04:00 Hour(s)

Price: $325

The “Paradise Twist” Has A Super Bouncy Curly Full Look

. Curls Stay Curling The Whole Install.

  • Twist Length- A Little Past Bra Strap
  • Installment Time- 4Hrs
  • Lasting Time-7-8Weeks
  • Easy Take Down Process
  • Perfect Style for First Timers
  • Hair Must Be Shoulder Length or Longer to Book This Style.

  1. Fastest Takedown Process
  2. Easy to moisturize your scalp
  3. Easy to style
  4. Nearly no tension on the scalp
  5. Minimal Maintenance

Note: You can not get this style wet if your texture is curly/wavy.


After your hair in installed. Continue to moisturize your scalp every other day for dry hair and every 2-3 days, for oily hair. Moisturize your hair after every wash.

Do not leave style in after the install date without a refresh around the hairline. This can cause your hair to thin out and breakage.

When sleeping use silk bonnet or headscarf and your hair can be worn down.

Protect your hairline from breakage


$79.50 3rows  1hr – Book Now

$99.50 4rows  1hr 30mins – Book Now


Protects your hair from getting damaged from uninstalling the hair.


$69.50 all twist 1hr – Book Now

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