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-Step 1: Click on your desired style. Then, it’ll show most recent availability. -Step 2: Pick your date and time. -Step 3:Then place a deposit to hold the time. After, you will receive a confirmation number in your email.

To prevent overbooking and delays in service, we have implemented the online booking system.

To secure your appointment slot.The deposit is for serious customers only. Time is of the essence (i.e. work, wedding, birthday, etc.) and needs an appointment.

The Deposit is always part of the overall price.

Deposit funds can be transferred back into your account after 3-5 business days. Please notify us  within a week before your appointment. If not, the deposit is nonrefundable.

Login into your account, click cancel appointment. Then click manage appointment to reschedule.

2 weeks in advance would be best to get the day and time you want.

We do not accept walk-in appointments.

Please check the schedule to see if anything opens up.

Today just might be your lucky day.

Yes, Freshly washed hair = best results.

Yes, children must be 12 years of age and over.

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Straight/Wavy hair textures- please prep by washing, drying and tangling.

Curly/Kinky Curly hair textures- please wash and comb through all your curls. Also blow dry your hair out and section your hair in 4 plaits.

We can braid hair 4-6 inches long is the minimum if your hair isn’t this length please DO NOT wait to book your appointment.

This is determined by the state of your natural hair. If you have thin, normal or thick hair all textures have different lasting time.

Check below each service to view the “lasting time”. Matched with the hair texture that you have.

But, typically 5-6 weeks.

Yes, using a headscarf or bonnet when sleeping is best.

Yes, we recommend washing your hair if the following applies to you. If you,

  • Swimming
  •  Around Smokey Area
  • Excessive Physical activity

Wash your hair immediately.

If none of these opinions applies to you then, we suggest waiting 7 days after you install to wash your hair. You have the option of a dry or cream conditioner and shampoo. Go right ahead and wash your hair at your convenience. The more you wash, your style won’t last as long.

Retouching is the best thing you can do for your hairline.

Don’t over wear your hairstyle, We recommend between 3-4 weeks from your install date. Under all services “click refresh, in hair protection”.

Easy, any of these options should work

-Apple cider vinegar. …
-Organic coconut oil. …
-Peppermint oil. …
-Tea tree oil.
-Sulfur 8 grease or spray

Apply product  through out your hair, every day until the itch goes away.

Yes, every service has a link under “your hair protection” click “take down”.


We will review your hair texture and set a appropriate date to take down your braids. The normal range is 3-8 weeks.

Of course you can,  but always remember to moisturize after every wash.

No, hair is included with your style.

  • -Policy- You don’t have the options to bring your own hair.
  • When you book you appointment, put in the note section if there’s a specific brand you want.

This could limit your color options. For example, if you have red hair, and your wanting blonde braids. We would suggest red braids. Or book the dreadlocks because it would hide your natural hair completely.

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